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i am a hypocrite and just felt like informing you all.

tonight i smoked leaves.
it was fricken nasty

thats all i have to say about that.
with love,
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happy thanksgiving

okay i decided to update in our fine fine leave comminuty since it is the twenty fifth.. i think i spelt that wrong but whatever

leaves are green leaves are need leaves are really fun to eat...

hmm woah this entry is boring i cant think of anything to say

oh by the way all of the leaves died.. yea.. its sad but what can you do...

hmmm.. yea i think im going to go bc this entry is really pathetic

but yes happy thanksgiving.. and than happy hanukah and than merry christmas

hooray for holidays

with love,
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no one has wrote in the community in quite sometime.
and this makes me sad. i dont want us to die

i mean come on were so fricken coool

so come on people
i know you want to.

with love,
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Hello. I havent written in this leaf community for awhile. With school and everything its hard to keep up! Anyway, You know what there should be?!? A national leaf day, where we give poeple leaves! Or at least give everyone in this community a leaf, that shall be cherished forever! Oh man, we so should... well leave a comment and write what your thoughts are on this.. I am going to bed, because I am mad tired... so I dont even know if this makes sense... oh well! Later....


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Local Leaf Goes Into Space

Local leaf, Leaf Armstrong, became the first leaf to make it to space...kind of. At the age of 2, months that is, his dream began. Now at the age of 2 months 2 days, he has accomplished this goal.

The high tech space craft designed and built by Jared Maneggio and Zach Cohen out of a roll of toilet paper, duct tape, glue,a pen and a plastic bag. This shuttle was equipped with a high power "A" rocket engine.

Armstrong was equipped with a super high powered duct tape saftey suit and a bright yellow parachute for emergencies. The shuttle was launched at a secret location. ::cough:: East Broadway ::cough:: The build team assembled the launch pad and got ready for a day that would be remembered forever.

Armstrong reached a maximum altitude of 42.334 feet. This was not on the first launch. Though he had reached a great altitude on the first launch of 40.174 feet, the parachute did not open. Armstrong had slight injuries including one broken stem and minor rips. The next launch was a much more successful launch even after his injuries. This is when the maximum height was reached.

Leaf Armstrong is now living in a residence in Seaford New York. He is preparing for his next job which will be a stunt flight in a JZS production movie called "Leaf Rogers, Secret Agent".

If you have any questions or concerns, please comment at the bottom.

Jared, Zach, Chicko, and Leaf Armstrong
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